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July 25, 2018

Today’s bride is chic, independent, unique, and knows what she wants. Traditions always have a twist and when it comes to wedding style, a modern theme is what it’s all about. Modern means fresh and new, but specific styles can vary depending on taste. Whether you’re a country girl or living in the big city we’ve teamed up with the amazing online stationery company Basic Invite to bring you some modern wedding inspiration and wedding invitation designs to match!

Modern wedding inspiration is tricky because weddings come with their fair share of timeless traditions that can sometimes overwhelm brides into thinking the rules must be followed, but this is your day and incorporating your own 2018 styles is equally as important. Here’s how.

Modern Traditions

Everybody knows the saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. Taking these four simple traditions and putting your own twist on them is a quick and easy way to add a modern flair to your wedding day.

Rather than incorporating your something blue into a fine dainty detail be bold and opt for a blue bouquet or cake - something that will stand out in a big way rather than the usual understated way. For your something new, start a new tradition of your own that can be passed down through generations to come. This is more meaningful than counting your dress as something new and it’s an innovative twist on tradition - the ultimate modern bridal move.

Modern Attire

Bending the rules as a bride screams modern and the easiest way to do that is through your wardrobe. Who says a bride has to wear white? To stand out and shake things up a bit wear a gown that’s the color of your choice and have your bridesmaids rock the white instead.

There are countless ways to modernize wedding attire whether it’s requesting that all of your guests wear a certain color or rocking a pair of sneakers instead of heals.

Modern Invitation Design

There is no better way to set the tone for your modern wedding than through a modern wedding invitation design. Basic Invite has hundreds of designs to choose from including modern looks that are customizable and affordable. Choose a typography design that incorporates funky fonts or color schemes.

Another good choice would be a design from their Clear Collection. Invitations made from a clear vinyl cardstock printed with bright white ink in all of your favorite styles. Choose an artsy look feature lines or borders or go for something with a floral touch. Because of the modern cardstock even a look with more of a vintage vibe will totally work!

Modernize your wedding with these three tips. And be sure to head over to Basic Invite to bring your modern wedding invitation dreams to life!

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