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Hey!!  I need some information from you about your wedding so that my assistant and I can do our best to make it go as smoothly as possible.  Please fill out this form no later than 2 weeks before your wedding, and thank you!  :)

And asterisk (*) means the field is required.  If you really don't have something to put in a required field, please put in n/a.  Please do not forget city, state, and zip code in address fields.

Contact and Collection Information
* Wedding Date
* Hours of Coverage
* Coverage Start Time
* Coverage End Time
* Bride's Name
* Bride's Full Address
* Bride's Cell Phone
* Receive Text Messages?
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* Bride's Email Address
* Groom's Name
* Groom's Full Address
* Groom's Cell Phone
* Receive Text Messages?
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* Full Future Address
* About Us
^^^ Please tell me a little about yourselves. Your likes and dislikes and especially your love story. This information may be used to blog about your wedding and/or engagement so do not include anything too sensitive.
Ceremony Information
* Ceremony Start Time
* Ceremony Location
* Ceremony Venue Details
* Special Rules of Ceremony Venue
* Ceremony Venue Is
Indoor   Outdoor  
Ceremony Rain Plan
* Receiving Line Immediately Following Ceremony?
Yes   No  
Reception Information
* Guest Arrival Time
* Bride and Groom Arrival Time
* Official Start Time
* DJ at Reception?
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* Reception Location/Address
Reception Venue Details
* Reception Timeline of Events
* Reception Venue is
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Reception Rain Plan
Photography Sessions Information
* Family Formals to be Done
Before Ceremony   After Ceremony   At Reception  
Time Allotted for Family Formals
* Bridal Party Formals and Session to be Done
Before Ceremony   After Ceremony  
* Location(s) for Bridal Party and Couple Photos
Time Allotted for Bridal Party and Couple Session (All Locations)
* Bride and Groom to See One Another Before Ceremony?
Yes   No  
If Yes, Planning on First Look?
Yes   No  
Time of First Look
Location of First Look
* First Look With Father of Bride?
Yes   No  
Father First Look Details
Wedding Party Information
Maid/Matron of Honor
Best Man
Bridesmaids (one per line)
Groomsmen (one per line)
Ring Bearers and/or Flower Girls (please include ages, one per line)
Additional Wedding Party (including any pets, one per line)
Family Information -- only include family to be photographed during family formals
Bride's Grandparent(s)
Groom's Grandparent(s)
Bride's Parent(s)
Groom's Parent(s)
Bride's Sibling(s)
Groom's Sibling(s)
Bride's Child/ren
Groom's Child/ren
Others to be Formally Photographed
Anything Else!? Anything we have not already discussed? Please put it here!
Yes, I'm interested in an Ever After/Mess the Dress Session after my wedding day!
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