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Hey!!  I need some information from you about your wedding so that my assistant and I can do our best to make it go as smoothly as possible.  Please fill out this form no later than 2 weeks before your wedding, and thank you!  :)

An asterisk (*) means the field is required.  If you really don't have something to put in a required field, please put in n/a.  Please do not forget city, state, and zip code in address fields.

Sometimes I am hired for a ceremony + family pictures only, or the reception only.  If the information about ceremony or reception do not apply to you, feel free to skip them.

Contact and Collection Information
* Wedding Date
* Hours of Coverage
* Coverage Start Time
* Coverage End Time
* Bride's Name
* Bride's Full Address
* Bride's Cell Phone
* Receive Text Messages?
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* Bride's Email Address
* Groom's Name
* Groom's Full Address
* Groom's Cell Phone
* Receive Text Messages?
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* Full Future Address
* About Us
^^^ Please tell me a little about yourselves. Your likes and dislikes and especially your love story. This information may be used to blog about your wedding and/or engagement so do not include anything too sensitive.
Ceremony Information
Ceremony Start Time
Ceremony Location
Ceremony Venue Details
Special Rules of Ceremony Venue
Ceremony Venue Is
Indoor   Outdoor  
Ceremony Rain Plan
Receiving Line Immediately Following Ceremony?
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Reception Information
Guest Arrival Time
Bride and Groom Arrival Time
Official Start Time
DJ at Reception?
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Reception Location/Address
Reception Venue Details
Reception Timeline of Events
Reception Venue is
Indoor   Outdoor  
Reception Rain Plan
Photography Sessions Information
Family Formals to be Done
Before Ceremony   After Ceremony   At Reception  
Time Allotted for Family Formals
Bridal Party Formals and Session to be Done
Before Ceremony   After Ceremony  
Location(s) for Bridal Party and Couple Photos
Time Allotted for Bridal Party and Couple Session (All Locations)
Bride and Groom to See One Another Before Ceremony?
Yes   No  
If Yes, Planning on First Look?
Yes   No  
Time of First Look
Location of First Look
First Look With Father of Bride?
Yes   No  
Father First Look Details
Wedding Party Information
Maid/Matron of Honor
Best Man
Bridesmaids (one per line)
Groomsmen (one per line)
Ring Bearers and/or Flower Girls (please include ages, one per line)
Additional Wedding Party (including any pets, one per line)
Family Information -- only include family to be photographed during family formals
Bride's Grandparent(s)/Step-Grandparent(s)
Groom's Grandparent(s)/Step-Grandparent(s)
Bride's Parent(s)/Step-Parent(s)
Groom's Parent(s)/Step-Parent(s)
Bride's Sibling(s)/Spouses
Groom's Sibling(s)/Spouses
Bride's Child/ren
Groom's Child/ren
Are there any family dynamics we should be aware of?
(Don't worry, I will only share this info with my assistant, we will not tell your family or friends anything you have said here. This is simply to help us with your formals. For example: "my parents are divorced and do not like to be photographed together" or "my divorced parents and their spouses get along great, I'd love to have a photo with both sides together.")
Others to be Formally Photographed
Anything Else!? Anything we have not already discussed? Please put it here!
Yes, I'm interested in an Ever After/Mess the Dress Session after my wedding day!
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